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Abhishek Chacko
Founder and CEO of SmartTech

About SmartTech

SmartTech, a premier online and offline distributor of high quality professional digital security and surveillance products at discounted pricing.

The company’s main objective is to help protect their establishments from safety and security hazards, as well as to be able to monitor business operations from multiple locations. Some of the company’s clients include, but are not limited to educational and governmental institutions, penitentiaries, border protection agencies, traffic and law enforcement agencies, sporting events, broadcasting networks, and more.

Our Products

Providing professional customer service to our clients is nothing short of an obsession. We simply recognize an opportunity to serve knowing that we stand alone in this vital area of our industry.

Dome Cameras

Dome Cameras are named after their shape are typically used for indoor security systems.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras have a long and tapered cylinder like design that resembles an oversized ammo cartridge. They are mostly used outdoors, especially in areas where long viewing is necessary. However, they can be used indoors where the long viewing is required like backyards and parking lots. They are installed inside protective casings and are typically weatherproof.

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

It is possible to pan, tilt, and zoom PTZ cameras. It gives a surveillance operator the freedom to pan, tilt and zooms the lens. You can manually control these cameras or program them to follow an accurate view of things. Since these cameras can be monitored using live controls, they are employed in highly sensitive zones where live monitoring is required.

Network/IP CCTV Cameras

The IP camera can transmit recordings over the internet. May or may not require a wire connection. Yes, it also works on wireless technology. In comparison to the analog camera is easy to install. It is possible to send recording over a far distance without requiring any power boost using a cable.

What Our Client's Say

We recently installed SmartTech's cctv in our premises. Our experience with SmartTech is good. Its working in day and night with clear vision. Quality of cameras are clear in all weather.
Sister Prabha, Principal
Divine Top Tots Pre School, Nagpur
SmartTech, one of the best brand in CCTV and other digital security products. I was not able to watch live on my screen because there were problems in my system. They suggested me a best product and gave a good service. now its working properly. Thanks to SmartTech.
Rajesh Agarawal,
Rajesh Cloths, Pune
Service of SmartTech is very good with clear vision and price is also affordable.
Father Jitheesh, Principal
Divine Providence School, Fetri, Nagpur
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